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That day is today.

I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of books.  Content which interests me centers around getting the most out of the time we have on the planet.  Currently I’m reading Jon Acuffs great book Start and Seth Godins All Marketers are Liars and Linchpin, and I’ll consume anything written by David Allen.  I love the idea that I can put my thoughts out on the internets and that if I’m lucky people may read it and choose to interact with it.

So today I have started to write…it’s time to get started.

Who am I?

Pleasure to meet you, my name is Tony Jay and I am a:

  • 40 year old
  • happily married man
  • father of two kids
  • software developer with 20 years of experience (do you know what an integration software developer is?)
  • cyclist
  • overworked
  • looking to reduce my workload while increasing my output

What you can expect

Expect to be dazzled.  That’s all I can say.  I mean, this is my first shot at working on the digisphere so it’s almost guaranteed to be incredible.  There are many things going on in my life which I’ll be writing about here, such as:

  • the pain of being a software developer
  • why outsourcing doesn’t work and how it’s destroying the IT industry
  • maximising output – this is what 2015 is all about for me
  • parenting two young kids, juggling that with a fulltime job and working on a side hustle at the same time
  • watching The Wolf of Wall Street far too many times

Maximising output

So this site is called reductee, and in short that means we strip away all of the excess that slows us down so that we can focus on the 80/20 of life.  Maximising output is about working on the things which produce the outcomes.  I’m not just talking about in business either, it’s about all parts of life.  I’m personally guilty of:

  • not sleeping enough
  • drinking too much
  • watching too much tv (dang, but Wolf of Wall Street is awesome!)
  • reading the wrong things
  • eating the wrong things
  • focusing on the wrong things

Maximising output is about reducing those things.  This is what I’m all about, ’cause I don’t want to wake up in 40 years time having an extensive knowledge of Jordan Belfort but no real story to tell of myself.

That’s all folks

You people have been great!  Honestly I couldn’t have hoped to talk at a better bunch.

Things are only going to get better from here (could they get worse?).  If you’d like to keep in touch, sign up via the links below, follow me on Twitter with the handle @reductee, or just email me at

Thanks for listening.

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About Tony Jay

For the last 19 years I have been a software consultant to major corporations and boutique businesses alike. I’ve consulted to Media, Utility, Banking and Aviation clients in Europe and Australia.

I believe that we work too much to achieve too little. I’m obsessed with finding the balance between effort and reward so that we can live a simpler, happier, more productive life.

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